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What is a Urogynaecologist?

There are approximately 38 Certified Urogynaecologists (CU) in Australia. Urogynaecologists are experts in treating pelvic floor problems such as pelvic organ prolapse and urinary incontinence. To become a certified urogynaecologist, additional training over three years is undertaken to be able provide expert clinical assessment and treatment for pelvic floor problems. Such problems may have arisen before pregnancy, during pregnancy, or in the years following childbearing.

My role involves assessing women with pelvic floor problems which may include a 4-D ultrasound or urodynamic studies and offering non-surgical and surgical treatments.

By completing additional years of training I was able to achieve a sense of mastery to ensure safe, competent and evidence-based treatments, ensuring optimal outcomes for my patients.

My Approach

My experience is that every patient has a unique set of symptoms that they will present with, therefore my approach is tailored to each individual.  It is at the point of consultation that I will review your history and develop the right treatment plan for you.

If appropriate I often call my patients to discuss their results rather than inconvenience them with another consultation. In return, my patients not only save on time but also money.

Urodynamic Studies

This special testing allows me to assess how the bladder and urethra (tube through which urine exits the bladder) are functioning. Urodynamic studies are carried out for patients who experience incontinence, urinate frequently, have regular urges or have difficulty passing urine. The result of this study allows me to ascertain the cause of the problem and to produce appropriate treatment plans.

Urogynaecology Services

I provide expert care for women with pelvic floor dysfunction, this includes problems and symptoms associated with the areas listed below:


  • Pelvic organ prolapse
  • Sexual intimacy issues
  • Mesh Removal


  • Urinary incontinence (Sudden urge and inability to hold on)
  • Bladder pain

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